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Sergey Skudaev
author sergeysk
I was born in Zabaikal'e, a land behind
Baikal Lake, in Russia. From age of 7 to age of
39, I lived in Irkutsk city that located 40 miles
to the north-west of Baikal Lake. Mountains more...

Roger Lawrence
author Rogerl
I've been writing for about twenty
years, and have tried all genres but always return
to comedy and or SF. Two of my novels are on
Amazon for Kindle and one of them is abut to
appear in more...
Isham Cook
author IshamCook
I am an American writer based in China, where
I have lived on and off for the past 17 years.
Formerly a teacher of literature, Shakespeare, the
history of the English language, linguistics, more...
Carla Foft
J. Naomi Ay
author jnaomiay
Naomi lives in the north Olympic Peninsula
and is mom to 3 kids and a Pomeranian. Naomi has
always been a fan of historical fiction, fantasy
and science fiction. When not dreaming of space more...

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